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Kathy Cargo — Bullhead City, Arizona

I met Kathy 3 years ago at Target in Bullhead City, Az. She told me she was divorced and slept with me the first time we went out. Our dating continued almost nightly from day one. We had been together about 6 weeks when I decided to surprise her at her lunch hour. As I entered the dinning area of food ave. I saw her sitting there with another man, she was holding his hand and kissing him. As I stood there in disbelief a coworker of hers walked up and she introduced this guy as her husband, that’s when I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring that she had never worn before. I turn and left, as I was leaving I click a couple of pictures with my cell. I called her 3 times over the next 2 days but my calls went straight to vm. 7 days later she came in to my work and told me a lie about how she had been in Las Vegas for a week taking care of her mother. When I showed her the pictures she told me she didn’t love him and was just using him so he would pay for everything for her. She also told me I was the only guy she was sleeping with. She is a total manipulator who was using not only her husband and me but many other guys I was soon to find out. When I walked away for good she was sleeping with 5 different guys a week. I told her I was going to find and tell her husband what was going on and she threatening me with a Mohave county deputy that she was also f*****g. She said Deputy Gunooe will get you and lock you up because I will tell him to! She also gave me herpes. Kathy is a total s**t and Bullhead Cities biggest w***e. I heard she’s going through a divorce now and is sleeping with her attorney and making up lies about her ex and telling anyone who will listen. Enclosed is a couple of pictures that she gave me. She is good looking for a 50 year old and is very skilled in bed but her v area is extremely HUGE! I mean you could get lost in there. This woman will lie to everyone and anyone to get what she wants. She is a manipulative lying w***e doesn’t care who she hurts and who only cares about herself Kathy Cargo.

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