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Kasse Kinnaird — Novascotia, Canada

this girl Kasse is as dirty as they come. She thinks she is hot s**t, Works as an escort with her roomate with some pimp in North Prestons Finest. Does drugs and is usually drunk around her 1 year old kid. Lies about going to Community college so welfare won’t cut her off. Breaks up with her man once a week and f**s everyone she can when he isn’t home. Has had 2 pregnancy scares in the last 3 months and wastes her money and never has diapers, food or s**t for her kid. Stay away from the DRD Drama Queen

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  1. Her boyfriend/pimp got assaulted when her ex husband after 3 weeks of wondering what the h**l happened to her kicks his a*s and she comes crawling back to the pimp/boyfriend telling him her sob story. They get f****d up and she does too much but goes to the b*****b appointment anyway. She couldn’t perform her job in the back of the car saying she wasn’t feeling well, maybe pregnant. She gets put out of the car without payment and has to take the slow walk back to the trap house and tell dude she didn’t get his money. He’s salty and she gets kicked to the curb. She thinks about calling her ex, isn’t sure, plops down on the curb, jumps back up when the cold hits her crotchless a*s and thinks, life’s so unfair.

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