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Kasey Shourds — Anchorage, Alaska

Kasey Shourds uses a pair of panties for a week or two and then throws them in the trash when the crotch rots out and they turn brown. As a w***e, her father taught her better. Kasey lost her mind and started whoring for a living, off with the used, on with another clean pair, no time to do laundry. Officially she work two jobs, one as a bottle girl in a dive, where she gets names and numbers for the after-work, when she earns s*x money on her back or knees. She says she makes more than both her sisters, one a nurse and the other a doctor. She can’t save a dime, crack is not only addictive, it’s f*****g expensive. She wants knee pads for her birthday, hopes to save enough money for something sexy.

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