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Don’t let some hussy or gigolo get away with ruining your relationship. Follow Our True Stories!

Instead, report a homewreckers women to warn the public and prevent further infidelity. Scamfound.com is basically an blog that's been "exposing the women who choose to become involved with an involved man".

That’s the idea behind our Scamfound.com Blog.

Kaley Lakkis — West Palm Beach, Florida

Kaley likes carrots and zucchini and big root vegetables. She wants to get sauced in the face and feel like a dirty pizza pie. She wants to be sliced by groups of men, eaten and swallowed. Just her version of getting paid to play. The internet makes whores get creative in their approach to attracting s**t dollars. She’s full of herself and would like to earn a little extra money, she’s thinking about delivering…

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