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Kaitlem Marie Brunet — Abbotsford, Canada

This cheating sneak-thief will go out of her way to f**k someone else’s man just to see if she can get some abortion money or some extortion money to keep from telling the wife about him f*****g her, even though she is the one who pursues the d**k for her own twisted entertainment/enjoyment. Kaitlen is not a one-time cheater, she’s f****d married co-workers, neighbors and countless men from the bar, most of them right in the car outside. She’s out to ruin as many relationships as she can, she uses her p***y like a bulldozer, knocks men’s c***s down and runs over their b***s. Stay out of her destructive path, her intent is to destroy and you can see it in her face if you aren’t drunk.

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