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Julia Kerr — Saint Louis, Missouri

Julia Kerr is an attorney in Saint Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately she is unhappy in her current situation (from the looks of her husband, I totally understand why). Any ways, sometime in July 2015, she started propositioning my husband. Trying to get him to meet up with her in the afternoon at hotels. He was found out via his email, but the deleted text messages indicate it continued long after July. She was constantly sending him offers to get together and meet up for s*x, always at hotels and always late at night. Unfortunately she IS an attorney at a large firm (you have for sure seen their commercials) Google her name and you will find out where she works. Unfortunately for me, her child goes to the same school as mine. Being that it is a private school, It will be difficult to avoid her. No one propositions my husband. I don’t care who they are. So here she is, Julia Magdelena Kerr Esquire.

Julia Kerr, Saint Louis, Missouri
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Phone: 877-895-9191 (Toll Free)
Fax: 314-421-0359


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