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Joey Lynn Barnett – Scottsdale, Arizona

What a diamond this w***e is, And don’t go to this b*****s house because you will not make it out. This whores house is so filthy that you will not make it through the house it is so bad. You can’t get any worse this c**t. joey Lynn Barnett loves the drug life and w***e life, She loves to suck d**k and to get her p***y f****d. Her children always end up with family or foster care but they are very much safer without her though. Watch out for her AIDS and HPV though.

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  1. Stupid w***e. I’ve passed thru Scottsdale and I know it gets hot, but I don’t remember seeing this type of fashion wear. Maybe it’s desert sheik, or just what Joey Lynn Barnett found on the floor on the way out of the nasty house that was described. Into the chilly night!

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