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Jodi Shibata — Honolulu, Hawaii

TSA agent Jodi Shibata slept with my husband, her boss when she was 21 for 3 YEARS knowing he was married with 2 children and got a promotion which is a huge conflict of interest. What are TSA’s fraternization Policy, policies, and procedures? What kind of 21 years old can’t get someone their own age and has to sleep with a married man 20 years older for 3 years, sending nude pictures, sexting, and calling their wife to come to their house? What kind of role model is that? They do it at work and the supervisors and managers condone it. TSA fix your standards!

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  1. Jodi pats on dicks all day and needs one by the time her shift is over, this tramp will f**k anything that she can get to go through the gate after she gets the zipper down and the belt loose.

  2. That’s the TSA b***h who flagged me for having a hard-on, she said she was scanning me for weapons when I was getting off the d**n plane!

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