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Jessica Rizzoli – Edmonton, Canada

This pathological liar Likes to mooch off people she also likes to pretend that she has a big-time family that’s in the mafia from Boston this girl likes to lie about everything she says do not believe a word she says it’s pretty clear that she starts to believe her own lies. She gets people to help her out. Then she turns around and back stab them lies and steals from them she’s been kicked out of the last four places she’s lived at because of her lies this girl smoke so much crack but yet she talk s**t about other people‘s drug habits this girl needs a serious smack in the face in a reality check she got so much Botox in her lips they look like they’re gonna fly away if you know who she is don’t believe a word she says. Guaranteed it’s a lie she think she such hot s**t but really she looks like a troll she’s a cop calling want to be she cleans her brother is in jail in Boston for murder but when everybody checked out she doesn’t have a brother she uses her last name as a gangster name and claims to be related to the mob this chick is so far gone with her lies .Please the victim role clams she has heart problems. So people if you’re sorry for her but what she doesn’t understand is if she has such big heart problems how come she smokes so much crack b***h you need a reality check into grow the f*k up

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