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Jenny Rea – Dickinson, North Dakota

One of dickinson finest police officers is a Homewrecker. She had an affair with my husband ( been together 15yrs) we have 4 kids and she new he was Married, after I found out she called me telling me how week she was and how sorry she was. A bunch of bull c**p. They both deserve each other.

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  1. Jenny pulled me over one night in S Dakota for speeding in my truck. I was surprised when a female officer walked up shining a flashlight and asked for my i.d. and proof of insurance. She didn’t quite believe me when I handed her my Driver’s License and told her we don’t need ins. in NH. It;s live free or die ya’ll. Actually that’s just where I have a small farm and keep vehicles registered, it’s so expensive to register them in NY. She said she recognized me from t,v, and asked for an autograph. I get that all the time. I scribbled a fake name and she apologized for not believing me about insurance. She wrote on ticket that I was doing 35 mph over speed limit but I know it was only 20 mph or so. She made me sign for ticket and I guess I wasn’t thinking about first signature and she said “aha!” when she noticed the disparity in the whorls of the two ink samples.
    She said slow down Matt, you’ve got a long drive.
    I wanted to lock her in the truck but she was keeping her hand on her pistol like I used to keep mine on the door lock in my office.
    Oh well, you get some and you lose some. I’ll rape another day, and another.

  2. I got pulled over in North Dakota for burt out tail bulb.
    The lady cop was real nice about bulb, said it happen a lot with s****y roads and all. She smell weed in car and want to search the car. I tell her I live in Colorado, its legal and she wants to write ticket until I show her doctors note. I had to fax it back to her and she remove ticket. Short story to say she was listed as homewrecker for being with sombody else man. She no better than anybody same. She want to sleep with other lady husband. She was nice to me.
    Her name is officer J Rea from
    She is from Dixison North Dakota

  3. She like to smack n****s with her stick. She a racist b***h and say she pull me out the car and whack me with the stick say her stick bigger than mines. She look real hateful and mean

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