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Jen Turner — Winnipeg, Canada

need ur help on this one. I work with a great guy mike the car guy and his sloot women keeps trying to be extra nice to me at work, till last week she begged me to f*k her! I did and now I feel so bad for my bro and co worker. Working with them both is very hard cause she makes it out like she loves him. She would Jen turner cheat on mike cause she needs to get fuked hard or is she just using him for his money? Post so that I can go in to work and not feel bad about Jen and I. Sorry bro I know she will be asking for my fat c**k again soon.

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  1. Me hit that puss hard
    make girl see hearts
    me let friends hit it too
    she now in love
    if she look dreamy at work you kno why
    she in love with apeman
    want more and more

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