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Jeanine Martinez — Castro Valley, California


Meet Jeanine Martinez (pronounced like Janine). She had an affair with a married man she met through her job. He’d only been working there a few months when she started crossing lines.

She knew full well this man was married and has children but she must not have cared very much. The idea of destroying a family didn’t seem to cause her any hesitation. They almost got away with it too but Jeanine Martinez is not too bright.

Even after the physical portion of their affair ended she continued to text him at all hours, party with him every night after work and send him home with little gifts so that his wife had no choice but to confront him. She also convinced him to start a “band” with her. They were going to call themselves “The Cherry Tomatoes”. Isn’t that adorable? Too bad Jeanine Martinez probably has zero talent to go with her zero redeeming qualities. If she did she might not have to scam on married men to try and realize her pathetic dreams of becoming a singer.

As to why she did such a vile thing to a family with children, who can really say? Although it’s possible that she knows how worthless she actually is and having a married man pay attention to her must have been a h**l of an ego boost. Poor thing, to go through life knowing you’re about as useful as a bag of dogshit must be rough.

Anyway, it is my opinion that a person who demonstrates such loose morals and lack of ethics (particularly in the workplace) should not be allowed to handle money, manage people or hold any position of authority. A person with that severe a lack of self-esteem will likely cause all kinds of drama. I believe Jeanine Martinez would not do well in any situation where strength of character would be required. Take note potential employers, boyfriends and friends.

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