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Jaycy Chapman — Sarnia, Canada

Jaycy will ghost anyone who catches feelings for her, she’s strictly business when it comes to s*x. Her real love is Pepsi, the p***k of that little needle is heavenly and all her troubles go away until she has to f**k around with another cheater who doesn’t want to wear a rubber and fall in love with her. When the money is right and the rubber is on, she’s ready to take a knee and pretend that his p****r is a little p***k going into her skin, ahhhhhhh, heavenly.

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  1. Baby daddy number one is doing pretty good for himself last I heard. If he’s a drug addict it was after they broke up and too much money and time on his hands. As for baby-daddy number 2, they broke up a while ago. It sounds to me like someone is dragging Jaycy thru the dirt based on rumour and gossip.

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