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Janet Layana — Brooklyn, New York

Janet Layana was not only a prostitute but also a s*x w***e and she is a disgusting nasty w***e and s**t and piece of excuse for a woman. She is trash. She has three kids by three different men and none of them married her nasty a*s. She met my husband at work and has used her three kids to get to his soft side. She would text him and tell him “papi, the kids need a ride to the YMCA”. She knows that he’s married and has a new baby, she doesn’t care all she wants is what she could get from him. A few times she’s called and I answered his phone, she tells me they are just friends. She knows her position and she plays it very well. They both work at a hospital, she’s a bottom of the barrel w***e, who’d do anything to get what she wants. They have s*x in the hospital and in his car, she doesn’t care she’d do whatever she can to get his attention. All she does is take selfies and send to my husband. At the end of the day he doesn’t want her, nor does he respect her. I’ve told him many times, he can be with her but he knows she’s not good enough to bring home to his family so he keeps her in the dark where she belongs.

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