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Jamie Baier – Yuma, Arizona

This girl moved here a year ago from Minnesota. With in the first month she hooked up with a couple from tinder Malcom and Victoria. She flirts and is very openly slooty. She pretends to not be but dont count on this girl to be faithful. If you date her just know you are probably the side dude. She does not discriminate guys girls couples whatever. She loves to be fuked in public and is very easy to have. So when she is not working advising your kids as a school counsler she is sleeping with multiple people in any given week.. If u happen to hang out with her just hit and quit! Good luck!!!

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  1. You were so drunk the night we met, I’m surprised you even remember my name, a*****e! And how could I forget yours, you wrote it three times on my hand along with your number. You kept saying oops, and struggled to spell your own name, You stunk to and had puke on your collar from laying your dumbass on the toilet. Your a loser puke head, spell that!

  2. The heat of the desert makes some people crazy. That’s before tequila makes the crazier! That’s before a full moon makes them craziest! Put them all together and then take her picture. She blames it on the tequila, mi amigo.

  3. When I suck on my finger like this
    does it make you want to write your number on my hand?
    If I sucked on two fingers,
    what would you write on my other hand?
    If I could suck on one of my b*****s,
    would you write something on my belly?
    I pose and suck like this because,
    I know you want to say something to me…
    Jamie Baier

  4. Life is one big fuckfest, down In Yuma, AZ, for the nasty drunk Jamie Baier. She f***s and sucks anything and everything that has a pulse. She may not be interested in you but will be nasty just to get things started and hope others join in. Her record is 18 or 19 in one day, she lost count and passed out drunker than she usually gets. She was working hard and kept stopping to quench her thirst with something cold. She never made it to work that morning, called the school, called in sick, which she did feel a little nauseous, having swallowed so much. I know this because, after we woke up that afternoon, we headed to the swap club and had a threesome and then went home, she was still a little tired, with bukake plans for the weekend.

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