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Ivonn Anastasiia — Toronto, Ontario

I desperately need help to spread the word around about my ex-girlfriend who has a sexually transmitted disease and loves to spread it around even to her boyfriend. it seems like she brought home Chlamydia and I had to go to the doctor and take pills and get a shot. it was crazy. She put me through h**l and I always forgave her. I was so stupid but I just wanted our family to stay our family because I was raised without both parents being in the same home and it’s not fun. its trash it sucks and I wasn’t trying to put my kids through the same thing. I was trying to have our family be a real family both real mom and real dad in the house. No stepdad or stepmom roles just the people who had it you know? I was devastated when I found out I had an STD. I was so embarrassed because I never have had anything like this before. I never contracted an STD from anyone until my girlfriend started having an affair with my best friend and he ended up giving her an STD which she brought home to me and I was heartbroken. I cried but now I’m fine I gotta stay strong for my children yes MY CHILDREN!!!

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