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Hunter Paige Barnes – Fayetteville, Arkansas

This little tramp slept with my friend’s boyfriend for months and still has the gall to keep showing her face around. She even had a boyfriend at the time. Gave a bunch of people STDs but lied about having them. Then she slept with her boss (married and has children) at University House/Scion group in Fayetteville, then blackmailed him into getting paid more. She plays victim to seem like she is helpless but then strikes others and ruins lives, then brags about ruining their lives! Several other friends told me that she has slept with other girl’s boyfriends and has also bragged about sleeping with other married men. She has no shame. Someone has to know about this wretched tramp and all the h**l she’s causing for others. She just does not get it and thinks it’s an accomplishment to screw married men. Pathetic.

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  1. When Hunter was twelve she caught her momma with their german shephard. Momma said she was trainin the dog to jump over the fence in case it had to get away from the house in a hurry like in a fire. She stared at its weener and momma said the boy was excited from jumpin so much. Hunter has lived in Arkansas her whole life and has still never seen a dog wearing socks like her pet had on that day. She just knew momma was lying to her but didnt understand until abou 13 when she started training the stray that came around from time to time

  2. We got together and spread some love many times. Hunter was always “between friends,” as she likes to call it, when we sport f****d. She knows I’m not looking for a commitment or emotional entanglement and we get along great. Neither of us wants more than a quick release. She’s always so uptight because of the constraints guys try to impose on her. They want a good girl to be in a relationship with. She’s not there yet and this causes stress for all involved. Everyone wants her as a trophy and she just wants someone to f**k her with the trophy. She wants to f**k.

  3. She sure look different with the blond ahir, I didnt hardly recognize my baby girl. Hi honey, I just got my hair colored to just like yourn head of hairs. Miss you babygirl, love momma

  4. Wow! She’s a dog trainer just like momma and they still like to have the same hair color and she won a trophy and her pet wears socks. Un-f*****g-believable!!!

    1. Hahahahaha this is all actual bullshit.

      Clearly none of this is true, but I appreciate you using a good picture when roasting me 😉

      Anyone with questions or comments I’d love to chat more. My insta is hunterpaigee 💋 (shameless plug)

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