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Heidi Mari Barcelo — Arizona

Okay so I met her and in a class we were supposed to get sober and stay clean she’s on federal probation and I’m on regular probation I completed my probation she still on probation for being a guinea pig and transporting marijuana anyways we started dating right away right away she got ahold of this guy Xavier Garcia who’s a big piece of s**t who knows that she was with somebody but it doesn’t matter to him or her especially her that she would suck anyone’s fuking d**k for money she thinks she is so special and is entitled to anything and everything she’s good with words very manipulative she swears up and down that she’s loyal and all of this but I got ahold of her phone and she’s talking and not one not two like 6 guys sending him pictures of herself telling him telling them them that if this is what you want you need to pay cuz my s**t ain’t free but when I have s*x with her it is so loose I can stick 5 Fingers of my thing are my hand in her side of her deep she has s*x with everybody I’ve been warned that I could catch something from her but instead she got me with her words she has The Gift of Gab she has a pretty face but I no problem f****n her mouth like little sloot that she is she’s passed around 7 well like a fuking $20 bill being being spent on dope if you run into her run far away or at least get your d**k sucked b***h will suck you dry she cheated on me with a married man and we were together for 11 months I got my own place for her to have a place to stay she’s 42 years old and still lives with mother shake my head I feel sorry for that woman G*d bless her I hope that she ask G*d for forgiveness cuz that’s only one that can save her now

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