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Hannah Anderson – Miami, Florida

This dog-faced albino doctor cheats with wimps who she’s either got p***y-whipped or who she pays to f**k her cheating a*s. Her husband is another story similar to her current string of toss-back dicks, a f*****g wimp who sticks around because he’s scared of this psycho b***h. She’s rude and means as h**l, threatens to neuter any dog who crosses her and lets her kitty stories be known. This b***h doesn’t purr, she caterwauls.

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  1. She is definitely a cheater. However, she only charges to cover costs like food, gas, undies and rubbers. She still works a day job but is putting in fewer hours, the nightlife has her caught in the neon glare and she’s wrinkling up fast, get her while she’s not sure, she might up her prices.

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