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Hanna Vandenham — Scottsdale, Arizona

This crazy service girl and waitress b***h, Claims to be broke but yet she is taking vactions to places like paris, So how the h**l is she broke. THis lying and cheaten stalker b***h is f*****g evil. I even so to feel special and see France and London because I went in her panies with my big hot and juicey c**k, She loved it. She will even give you special things like the clap and alot of other stuff too. This nasty a*s clap giver wil sleep with any and every new guy she meets rather she knows them or not, So all men this is your only Warning watch your d**k’s around this nasty clap giver. This b***h claims to love to study but the only thing she studies is the Kardashian culture. The only thing this c**t loves to give you is the clap and other nasty things, But she want you to give her everything even all your money for s*x, ALL she wil ever be is a lier and a cheat even a clp giver so be very sfe around her watch your dicks closley.

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  1. She waits tables for tips and phone numbers. Tips are okay, phone numbers are better. She gets tipped in d**k and gets paid more in 3-days than when she works all week waitressing. She even gets to go on weekend trips to f**k and suck her “boyfriends.”

  2. Hannah likes d**k but money is better, she can buy new s*x toys and forget the boys and shop for clothes and sandals until she wants some more d**k. Who will come up with the money first? This little cheater wants to be the best dressed Ho in AZ

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