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Gillian Notheis — Europe

About 49 years old, with boring short black hair, hooded eyes, pale skin and a funny puckered up mouth. Although of a reasonably normal weight, she has huge b*****s and a massive backside like a horse. The s**t lives in Pilsworth, Bury, near Manchester in the UK, and works as an orthoptist with children at local hospitals, giving the impression of being so kind and caring(!) NOT She met my husband at a guitar evening class four years ago, and immediately picked up on the fact that he was emotionally vulnerable – due to midlife issues and money worries, but mainly because of the fact that I, his wife, suffered from multiple sclerosis. The s**t started asking my husband round to her house ‘to practice the guitar'(!), and after several weeks of this, the affair began. Although of course my husband was also very much to blame, as most books on adultery make clear it is usually the woman who initiates the affair as she gives out signals to the man saying she is available and this was certainly the case with Notheis. The affair continued for a year, with neither of the adulterers having the slightest compassion for the fact that it was making my MS deteriorate hugely. The s**t sent numerous emails to OUR computer during this time, many of which boasted of how she used to laugh about the affair with her daughter – just eleven years old at the time. What an example for a mother to set to a young daughter who had already lost her father due to a divorce – that it is funny and ‘cool’ to cheat with a sick woman’s husband! The affair cost us around £3,000, destroyed my health and marriage, and resulted in our daughter saying she will never forgive her father. It also caused my parents, both of whom were seriously ill, to suffer from severe stress at the end of their lives. Watch out for this s**t. She is already responsible for having wrecked two marriages – her own and mine (and very possibly others.) She loves to think she is ‘broadening her mind’ by joining various night classes – the last I heard of, she was doing drawing and painting – so meeting her at an evening class is very likely. She thinks she is extremely intelligent, but judging from the pathetic way she wrote her emails and text messages, she has an IQ of about 30. My daughter gave up saying things like, ‘Only 8 hours 2 go’ when she was fifteen. To see a picture of this slag, go into the website mentioned below, or type into Google, Gillian Notheis hospital primary care trust. Notheis is a selfish, needy s**t and will take advantage of any vulnerable guy. Keep well away from this trashy w***e who men use and then toss onto the garbage dump where she belongs. If you do meet her, I suggest that you buy her a dictionary as she does not understand the meaning of several important words such as fidelity and commitment.

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