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Emmylou knops Married cheater child abuser narcissist

Only liberals in california let narcissist like this emmylou knops ride as long as they do till it hits rock bottom! So here she goes again still not divorced! B.i.t.c.h have some class and standards. still in Denial to what she has done to her real family an abusing her kids. On too her 6th or 7th guy with one gang member she still f.u.c.k.s on the side confirmed
ha! In the past 6 months ho fo sho! Still around that pedophile……People like this can abuse there own children what do you think they’ll do with you when they generally think you know them Ha. The only tragedy now our the dumb people that fall for her narcissistic trap watch out san diego california she won’t stop!

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  1. Upgrade never down grade💯❤😘🤭! I know her x he doing the most across the world with the children now. while this homewrecker lying on everything 🤥 paper work show truth😎🍿!

    1. Who’s fault!?! this coming from another uptrade! Stay strapped for p*****s I posted this of my own opinion! her x don’t give too f’s about you people! She made her very bad choices her very bad discussions. I based this off paper work public facts! You don’t hurt children an walk away periodt! He’s busy being a real parent i’m in texas you wanna stay strapped on a woman go a head make it public!

    1. Threat’s are noted seems these our the people this homewrecker likes to be around… must be nice hating on a real man just being a father to anused children. I’ve known them for years this is so out of character but facts our facts…paper work is paper work agreed evlbtch666

    2. “Always first” to what simple minded POS. These internet bangers act so real an hard it’s to cute! if this lame wants to hurt innocent people over that Shittie person. Then karma show’s you receive what you claim to deal out🍕🍿😎

      I don’t no these people personally but when your loved by so meany an hated by just a few it tells you the difference of Truth an Narcissistic people that need to hide

    1. Wow ok this new guy wants to blast on a father for being an x that looks like on all these read’s like a guy just moving on with his abused kids! What world is this ok

  2. Swooped into town hear bout dis b***h broke her real family for these buster’s lol never down grade on a real one periodt. Hope dis storm was worth the sinking of her “family”.

    1. This b***h try say keep it one hundred😭😂🤭🤥 when she don’t!?!?!? what a f*****g liar, ho.e, drugged out abusive POS babe ❤😘 💯… 🍿🍕😎

  3. Eli jaha Gardner looks like he studied with Louis F. and the Rev. Al, getting ready to do some good work for the nation of Islam and EmmyLou. Once they’re married and on tour helping others, you haters will have a change of heart. Someone has to get her off the street after her ex kicked her to the curb.

    1. That drugged out W.H.O.R.E kicked herself to the curb with osodrippy! That she still see’s on the side! FACTS. You don’t walk away and lie about abusing children! Or lie, cheat , steal, abuse, commit Adult’ry against her then husband! and lie about it to create a house built on lie’s in her wake . any and every one who truly knew them both knows what she did. Because they dealt with what she did in her narcissistic after math. and the paper work at the court house that’s public record. She can lie all she wants. Facts our facts Periodt! Help what you want it won’t wash away her sins!

      1. Ooooo So Now Her Husband kicked her to the Curb. This just gets deeper in dat person own lie’s !?!? She lie to me bout dat x when we was f**k’n
        at there house… tapp’n when x was on tour. She likes tours…. said was a nobody. Turned out to be more than dat. Still not taking any responsiblity it looks. I agree a House built on lies won’t be a strong house.

    2. Hate on her no ha! she’s not worth hating on Haha! Looks like she on here for getting caught up on her affairs being wicked if that what there about an you all want to put a bandaid over this mess you can lie to yourself all yeah want truth always comes out…..

  4. One day this botch gonna have to stop lying to herself and tell her kids how she likes these BS …POS lame fake f***s wanna be gangsters. more then them PERIODT. They gonna see this one day and she can’t lie❤😘baby oso

    1. Looks like that x gives faith hope n charity with brotherly love relief n truth all over the world every where he goes Self Made Dues Paid n Full. While she sat at home Committing adultery and abusing her own children then hiding it low very low. Now she wants to travel and help the less Fortunate. Sounds like a little to late all answer to G*d only but the truth is out there no matter how manny lies you stack on top

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