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Emily Straniero — Midlothian, Virginia

She has cheated on me 7 time since i have been with her. She cant keep her p***y in her paints to save her life. She comes across as a funny, blokes bloke when you first meet her, not her at all. Just an act, only to use people for what she can get. Wins mother of the year for involving her 2 young kids in lying to cover her cheating as well. Great role model. A sociopath. Worthless human being, nothing of worth to offer anyone even herself. A horrible woman, no principles or morales, a user, lies through her teeth. Plays the victim blames her childhood & lays on the guilt trips, to get pity & what she wants from people.. Doesn’t care who she hurts. Bullies & abuses to do this. Will cause problems with coworkers, this is nothing new, has happened at previous jobs also. A lot of people will no longer have anything to do with her either professionally & personally.

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