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Emily Rose Haas — Anchorage, Alaska

Special Alert be on the lookout, Emily Rose Hass from Anchorage this woman is a w***e and a liar and a cheater, And if things don’t go her way she will lie and put you in jail. Emily is an escort thief she will call you and meet with, Even take you to a hotel and when you go to the bathroom she already has your money out of your wallet and you come out of the bathroom she has already vanished.

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  1. She won’t bail you out after she has you locked up unless you promise to be good and eat her p***y and a*s. Emily tells them to mush. She likes to keep her lumberjacks on their knees and blue in the face. She’s thinking of getting a wolf to keep her company when she has an a*****e locked up. She’s a dirty b***h who acts nice to your face.

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