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Dr. Cynthia L. Theiss – West Palm Beach, Florida

When it comes to cheating the system, Dr. Cynthia L. Theiss MD is ahead of the curve. She will give you the drugs you request, opioids, fentynal and Xanax, in exchange for you signing papers for things she can use to bilk the system, procedures she can overcharge for and a bill to the insurance companies. She f***s a couple of guys for pills, but they have to sign the paperwork, this w***e makes sure she’ll get paid, s*x isn’t enough.

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  1. She got me some percs but I had to lick it and then stick it. I got a couple to eat before I could do the first lick, she’s nasty as f**k and bushy like a rain forest. I need to get in touch with her again, she won’t cheat you on the count.

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