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Desiree Dawn Miron — Ontario, Canada

The party is going to happen, Desiree is going to make sure of it and starts posing to find the D**k who’s going to pay for it all, tonight. The party used to be 24/7 when Backpage was still online, but she’s had to adjust, find out how to attract the cheaters to her honey holes. Someone’s watching the kid, she forgets his name, some gay dude she’s given Pepsi to for sitting while she’s laying with someone for party money. She just hopes this n***a has a rubber, she doesn’t want to get pregnant again, but she’s going to party even if he doesn’t.

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  1. she is a lien cheating s**t dead f**k and useless girl. cant clean cook or even suck c**k. takes it in the a*s day and night for 1 line of coke. NO RUBBER

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