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Debra Ann Caughron – Arkansas

this fat a*s sleeze of a women pimps daughter stephanie caughron out to an ole married pedo! she uses own kid to try to get money from a broke down limp d**k that uses internet p**n hookers phone s*x and gambeling to pick up any womens he can and she helps him!

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  1. Debra Ann Caughron was caught sneaking into a Victorias Secret model search at the local mall in Little Rock. Security was tight that day due to rumors of a formal president who was peeking from behind curtain numbers 1, 2 and 3. She was escorted into town for a debriefing. She stated that she didn’t know of the event beforehand and was a little confused. She remembered only that she was heading to the famous library and was asked not to skimp on the donation to the foundation. She thinks it was the use of the word, “skimp” that confused her and asked for a definition, for clarity. When asked about lingering cigar smoke, she didn’t recall getting a whiff of anything memorable. No sightings either –

  2. Debra Ann Caughron of Arkansas
    Pimp em out young, you never know what they’ll end up looking like when they grow up to be disfunctional adults. Usually, the coconut doesn’t fall far from the tree, but one can only hope!

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