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DeAnna Stuart Oellerman — San Francisco, California

DeAnna Stuart Oellerman is a branch manager for a title company in Friso. She is married with children, but uses her position to start affairs with men in the real estate business. She will find them on fb and start inappropriate messages. Beware!

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  1. DeAnna showed me several listings for a 3-BR and was eager to make a sale. I held out temptatation until she showed me what I wanted, one of her pocket listings which was 2-BR’s and 2-baths. She knew our budget and yet we almost had to look for another realtor who would work with us on our objectives. Hers seemed to be making a sale quickly. We did go with her but negotiated a slightly lower rate for the time she wasted on her own goals. All in all, we’re happy with the condo and distant view of the bay which she knew about along.

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