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Deanna Michelle Brown – Florida

is there any way we can legally run this piece of garbage out of town? Maybe if everyone gets wise to her ways, the shell has to move on to better hunting grounds. She can put on an act and a show that Broadway would be proud of. Underneath it all, she is one selfish, self-centered using manipulative tramp. And that is putting it lightly

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  1. Deanna needs new words to live by: Suck, F**k and Cheat. She knocks down married men like bowling pins and still ends up in the gutter. The overuse of hair oil is by design, it makes it easier to just run the c*m through her hair when she’s running late for her next f**k.

  2. Deanna was so mad that she actually made this post below. So she publically admitted to being a w***e, home wrecker and a piece of trash. WOW

    This is Deanna!
    F**k you! I have your husband and if you only F*****G knew! L***O
    Anyone taking the time to write all of this about me is so f*****g jealous that your man has been in my bed and he will continue to be in my bed I can promise you that !

  3. This little user wont be going anywhere as long as she can still pick up a sucker around here. She isn’t going to do anything different which means she is still on the prowl for a sugar daddy to pay her way and support her partying. And don’t think she will give two cents for the poor guy because he is just a bankroll to her. And she juggles these men all at the same time. Can you imagine giving BJs and jumping in the sack as many times as she is doing it to keep all these men invested in helping her out. That is one disgusting tramp.

  4. Deanna Brown is rotten to the core. She has layed so many men it is quite scary to think about. She is always seeking her next sucker she can milk for money and that’s how desperate she is to hook onto your husband. She plans on making her way through life on her back and will her mouth wrapped around too many mens dicks. She is one lowdown gross b***h.

  5. Deanna Brown the toothless wonder from doing too much meth. Look at her crater face and tell me Im wrong. Shes a drunk and a drug addict and she acts pretty desperate when it comes to hooking some man to pay for her to party like its 1999. Youd be a complete fool to spend any money or energy on this complete loser who has done nothing positive with her life, owns nothing, has no job, has no money and nothing to offer any decent person. But what she does have going on is a con game so watch out!

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