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DeAnna Faith Swindle – Montgomery, Alabama

Watch this one girls! She still has all her teeth and she’s not bald. You would think she could find a man of her own, but she has been with most men and boys in Montgomery and is currently working on the ones who are married or,almost divorced. She’s thinking of moving to a bigger town. Until then, watch your man, she’s stalking again.

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  1. That “off the shoulder,” come f**k me pose works good for getting a man to cheat on his wife. DeAnna has used it successfully on half the married men in town. She’s back at it, starting to work the other half and she’s paying close attention to a 17-year old who wears big boots. That one has the potential to be her temporary man, while she waits for a married one to notice her.

  2. Pretty sad when someone has such an unhappy marriage they have to blame someone their spouse was with year ago on their issues. I can promise you DeAnna isn’t the only girl this persons husband was trying to talk to.

  3. Deanna did more than just talk with old boy, she knew he was married and she kept after him long enough to practice making a baby, dreamed about it and did him.

  4. I heard DeAnna was pregnant with the cheater. Anybody hear if it’s boy or girl? The daddy will be 18 by the time she has the baby. It should be okay in the eyes of the law.

    1. She’s not pregnant but d**n I wish some dumbass would knock her up. She got a BUI on Lake Martin this weekend (winning!) and was with two of her “best” friends ex’s all weekend, even telling one of the girls she didn’t have room on the boat for her even though she was one who helped bail her out of jail that morning. Her friends talk so much s**t behind her back it’s amusing. I feel sorry for the poor girl. But then again not really, she does it to herself with the amount of lies she tells for attention.

  5. I’d be happy to fill her with loads, but no interest beyond that. This girl has one of the juiciest p*ss**s ever made, and it is a homing beacon for c*cks. Girls love to hate the pretty girl that boys like. Haters. This girl deserves all the wood she can handle IMHO

  6. I’m praying for the sad female that wrote this post. Maybe if she put this much energy and effort into her own marriage her husband wouldn’t try to talk to other females. Better yet, if she had better taste in men she wouldn’t be with a cheater. Maybe you should make a post about your husband too. It takes two to tango. 🙂

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