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Courtney Honzo or Courtney Lee – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This sick a*s c**t is an 85-pound weirdo that lies and cheats, She will lie about everything her age and about being a w***e. She will even lie about how she was raised in a trailer and about her drug use. She has f****d Pittsburgh’s football team and every other man out there. When shooting heroin she is happy, When she doesn’t have it she is an evil drunk but she still f***s men for everything she wants and needs. She says she is 25 but really 29 and recently lied about pregnancy to some low life black guy. She causes constant drama between every girl because she is constantly jealous that she’ll never be anything in life but a trick with many DRDs. Watch out for the most disgusting “wannabe” in Pittsburgh/ Butler area!

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  1. This dirty s**t wishes she were 90-lbs. and hates on pretty girls by trying to sleep with their husbands and boyfriends, causes constant drama and friction which she thrives on. She is nasty as f**k and likes to be gangster banged.

  2. Courtney is a wrecked train, she can’t even leave the station the way she is, f****d up and looking to cheat with any man who will support her bad habits. She used to chug along and take care of her escort business but, lately, she just blows smoke and toots her own horn.

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