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Cindy Richard — Kapuskasing, Ontario

Alrighty then, where to start at, I was in a relationship with Cindy for about a year. I gave her everything she ever wanted then this floozy would stab me in my back and f*k my brother. We separated for about 3 months we got back together. I put the past behind us and I gave her one last chance. She broke my heart again. Was at work working 4 hours and the power went out at work my boss sent me home, when I get home I walk in the house busted her in bed s******g my grandpa this was very embarrassing for me. I was even embarrassed to tell people about it. I cried but I forgave her and a year later I stopped at the store and come home and I catch her s******g our mailman there’s no help for this woman. This was the last straw with her. so I just want to give everybody a warning do you end up dating her watch her like a hawk because she will screw behind your back and not think twice about it, and she will cry and play the victim so don’t say I did not warn you

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