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Chrissy Schih — Hollywood, California

This nasty s**t f****d so many investors (many of them gay) out of money that they couldn’t take it anymore. Mark Miller sttod up and said enough is enough, stop cheating people out of their money with the phony app called Vestigate. She lost and had to pay up thousands of dollars. She’s such a piece of s**t that she changed the name of the app and continues to f**k people over with her financial shenanigans. Mark stepped up again and is sueing the b***h for the second time. She calls the new scam BarSeen, and like the old, same scam, she will pay thousands. Trevor Lapaglia, her poster boy is in on the new scam, as well. He’s another POS who should crawl back under the table, that’s where he serves best – on his knees.

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