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Cassidy Miller — Winnipeg, Canada

Cassidy Miller got reported to the health board for drd’s after she gave my boy 4 nasty diseases to deal with when he failed to use protection. Never, again. We’re working to get the word about this cheating s**t passed around to prevent further outbreaks. Another friend is trying to save his relationship after he took the 4 nasties home to his wife who had just had a baby. The wife wants her charged with possible manslaughter for being so nasty and loose with her infected, trouble-causing s****h, says it could be a deadly weapon if not treated properly. Gucci is staying away from Canada!

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  1. Thanks for the warning, bro. I was thinking of looking this girl up until I read about all this nasty s**t about her, I had no idea. Great service to all brothers wanting to know about sleazy b*****s.

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