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Carolyn Peck, Beaumont, California

Carol Peck likes men, especially ones married and with bigger putters. She drinks at the bar course and looks for a bar stranger to get drunk enough to bang her ugly old a*s. She has no shame and goes after the d**k even when she knows he’s in a relationship. Someone gave her a std and she is trying to get rid of it by rubbing it on married men who are desperate or drunk or both. I overheard some guy from out of town asking her to swear she had been tested lately, he said it burned when he took a p**s. She’s at the bar often, like she’s a pro, looking to give cheating lessons. No, I’ve never f****d her, I’m on a local team and we practice there. I just know who she is and see her working as the CarolPeckRealtor.com like she’s thirsty for new man.

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