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Camille Raye is a Flop

This w***e is so full of herself, FILLERS, and bullshit. Maybe if she stopped f*****g for shoes and bags she could afford to clean her nasty apartment that you can see in her selfies. Probably smells like tortillas and 3 day old guac just like her p***y. She photoshops her face so much that she looks like she pasted it on someone else’s body and her chin must hurt the b******k whenever she’s gagging on old peen bc of the obvious fake point she facetunes it down too. But maybe that helps whenever she’s r*****g fat old mens a******s for rent money. Hey w***e, why don’t you get your cheap tricks to buy you another pair of shoes bc those fugly a*s Chanel kitten heels are horrendous and don’t go with every d**n thing you sucked a c**k for hoe.

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  1. Most people think Camille’s lips are all filler and they’re partly correct. The other part is the stretching they get from her pay-for-play work. She works and stretches her lips daily as she sucks dicks to earn a living. She thinks it’s a glamorous lifestyle and gets to pose quite often, the number of repeat customers keeps dropping off, which keeps her posing and on her knees.

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