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Caitlyn Elizabeth Castle — Cumberland, Maryland

Caitlyn is a complete psycho path. If you check her history you will see she is obsessed with mutiple people. She sleeps with mutiple men at the same time, even if they are sleeping with other women as well. She has no problem being the last resort and can’t stand it that she is trash and she knows it. She will stalk you, follow you and do whatever she can to try to imitate anyone above her because she is a low life w***e. She will try to do and say anything to bash others because she is a low life loser who never finishd school, uses drugs in front of her kid and other kids, loses every job she gets because she is a thief and hates her life because she can’t keep a man. She’s dirt and she knows it and crazy runs in her family. Nasty thing has a lazy eye, a flabby body and has admitted she has no friends and hates her own life. Who could blame her. I don’t know what stays open more, her legz or mouth. It must be hard being every man’s last resort, the constant side hoebag and a piece of shitt at everything you do in lyfe. Nasty a*s.

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