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Brooke Kaili – Miami, Florida

Brooke Kaili is “instagram famous” having fame due to her enhanced b**t which is fake all thanks to the great Dr Miami (he did a good job) her sugar daddy paid for her surgeries. She claims to come from a rich family but they are actually poor, she steals from rich men and department stores and sleeps with old men to afford her lifestyle! She is currently an floozy in Miami and claims she has a job and goes to school. If you meet her be careful she will steal from you . She is obsessed with photoshop and most of her pictures her hips look dislocated

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  1. Brooke is more than just instagram famous, this girl is on her way up. She recently got hired as a hip double for the next Nicki Minaj video being shot right here in Miami. Will Smith has a cameo and Brooke can’t wait to meet him. She’s really hoping to spot Jaden but is all giggly whenever she talks about it to anyone who will listen. When pressed for details, Brooke doesn’t know if it will be a two or three second spot. She’s just hoping they don’t cut anything and is actively hula-ing and hitting the clubs for all the terking practice she can squeeze in before the big date. Check her Instagram in another month or two, it will be off the charts!

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