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Brittney Kutterlinks — Kelowna, Canada

This b***h is a fat walking mess of a time bomb. She is a drug-addicted self-loathing leech of a parasite. You could call her a sad excuse for a human being. She has no goals, ambition, or any morals that would resemble a small fraction of so-called normal life. Sadly, she washed up heroin-addicted mother gave her custody of her brother and sister. These poor kids are doomed having a female influence like this in their life. She believes she is an “angel” but she literally is satan in disguise. Washed up coke slore would be an understatement. Fellas, if you come across this beached whale (yes I know, her photos don’t show this), run away as fast as you can before you get catfished as I did. She gets off on manipulating men, dating three guys at one time, and has a weird obsession with farm animal p**n. You can’t even make this s**t up. If you’re on tinder and you come across her you’d be better off to go get dry fuked with a cactus as a pose to meeting up with this sloathe slob of a human being.

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