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Brittini Dediluke — Canada

Brittini has more stories than hardcore pillheads have tablets to pop in a week. Same pitiful s**t over and over but the actors are new to her lips. They c*m and go and she wants to have one or two stick around for running drug-related errands and security. She doesn’t mind working the hard ones, it’s the ones that won’t get hard that give her fits and make her want to calm her nerves with something. Instead of getting frustrated with a cheater with a soft-on, she could send for medicine and feel protected from angry cheaters while she works her magic lips to get them to s***k for her.

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  1. Hahaha, most guys dump once in her and run. Easy access s**t that most of the town has made a deposit in. Those who come back are too dumb to know to get in and out while you can.

    Btw she begs for it in the a*s! At least that holes tighter but still a hallway.

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