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Ayanna Williams – Illinois

This ho is crazy! She’s insecure, jealous of every female she sees, and lies about everything. Nothing comes out of her mouth but lies, lies, lies. She goes with many men and is nothing but a ho who screws around, even though she has a boyfriend named Mike Buie. She tries to be “sophisticated”, but this ho is far from it. She’s 22 and isn’t doing anything with her life but posting stupid videos of her hideous-looking a** on YouTube showing off her nappy a** head. According to her, her hair is naturally “curly” but it’s a lie. Her hair is nappy and she’s using curl products in her hair. She doesn’t have a job, she just sits on her a** all day making stupid journal videos, like I said, of her nappy head. In the videos, you can tell she really thinks she is cute, but this buck-teethed, nappy headed ho is far from cute. Her attitude makes her look ugly and she’s the biggest, ugliest ho I have ever known. Don’t trust this ho at all with your man or what she says because her agenda is to screw your man and laugh in your face.

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