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Ashli Faye Dees — St. Louis, Missouri

Ashli Faye Dees is a severely infected sexually transmitted disease carrier. She is so open and honest about loving being in an open relationship and being able to f**k any man she wants. I wanna warn all you college boys who throw parties and all you older men who have no shame in your game to watch out before you wake up with pain please everyone warns your kids grandkids husbands wife, everyone, she jumps on men how animals jump on prey.

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  1. If I wear a rubber to keep from getting herpes, will she jump on me?! How much money do you need to get her to jump? She probably has a sweet tooth and only jumps for treats or moneey to buy treats.

  2. Watch out for Ashli the dirty s**t girl who charges for s*x. First she charges after d**k like a cat after a mouse, pounces and then bites the head off. You now know, tread in fear of the dirty nasty s*x she has to give, it’s b****y deadly

  3. This where I catch the crabs and venereal disease right here from this dirty snake charmer who say she clean and drug free. I bring the condon but she say we don’t need it. I should of used it now she still say she drug free.

  4. Ashli will pounce on a man fast if he got a nice car and twice as fast if he married and got a house. This b***h be tryin to move on up to the other side of the bed and find herself a keeper. She going through men like dirty laundry, checking the pockets.

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