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Ashley Summers — Jersey City, New Jersey

Ashley had to lay off the blow for a while, the nosebleeds got worse and she switched to Xannies for her nerves. She cheated on her man, again, with an old customer from the club who said she looked like she had gained a few. She popped a pill and tooted a line from his stash. She was going to lose the weight even if she had to start shooting to avoid nosebleed and cheating more to pay for the s**t. Her dude can barely get it up anymore, he won’t notice. She f****d and sucked “John,” honked another, bigger line and ran off to tan, she was going to make a comeback.!

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  1. Ashley is extremely nasty and hangs around extremely nasty friends when she is not f*****g a married man for pepsi. Blow for blow, as she puts it. It’s all fair exchange is her f****d up world of drugs and orgies and cheating and scamming.

  2. She’s a nasty old b***h that will do any s*x act you want or can think of. If you got a little extra for her girls, you can freak with them to, their all whores. They give milfs a bad name and carry drd’s.

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