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Ashley McDonald Jeffers – Malvern, Arkansas

My husband and I was friends with her and her now ex husband for 13 years. We gave her a place to live when she had nowhere else to turn to she decided to go behind my back and try and be with my husband. Actually it happened. I found out about it. I left while I still pay bills when she was still there and with her not paying anything, but food with food stamps. She has slept with her ex husband for less than $50 when she could have just went and donated plasma if she needed money that bad so she really is truly a w***e. This is not the 1st married man she had mess when I have known of others. She’s gonna use you for whatever she wants and needs and gonna tell you that she doesn’t care about the house the cars or anything like that but she does. She cannot hold down a job. She has lost 2 cars in less than a year. Her sister uses men, her best friend uses men, and robs people. So she cannot say that she don’t use men because she does she has even been on millionaire matchmaker.com and sugar daddy.com and she is currently on zoosk.

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  1. Malvern, Arkansas is not a real big town and Ashley McDonald Jeffers knows it like the back of her hand. She’s bored mostly and likes to spice thing up by getting a man for the night. Most married men already know her and can get in touch easily by asking their wives who she’s been with lately. They all know each other and many are related to each other directly. Ashley is a party girl and knows more than her share, she’s responsible for a few breakups and thinks what the h**l she’s only beautiful once. She can’t wait for Debby’s husband to get back from Iraq, she’s been emailing him for two months and she wants him before he goes home to her. She might be second or third in line but she can’t wait to help him release some tension. He tells her hes locked and loaded and shes thrilled and cant hardly wait for him to get back

  2. Ashley McDonald Jeffers was given a place to stay and she thought it came with a d**k to suck too. It would have been so nice but the wife wanted the d**k for herself and this is where the trouble started. Then to be extra nice, he starts paying her a little change so she won’t have to sell her blood at the plasma Ctr. She should have just went and sold some blood and hooked up with a single dude there, but no, they always want the same old dicks!

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