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Ashley Bullings — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wives whose relationship is a little loose, unsecure, girls who don’t have their dicks fastened down, beware! Ashley Bullings will screw your man to her bed and stain him with her needs. She needs money for bills, childcare, and drug money, presents are nice but she usually trades those for drugs. Help her out if you want your man to have a cheating experience; if not, spread the word, warn each other about her needs, it could help save someone’s relationship.

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  1. I’d hit that one time. But she’d be a knockout if she had a set of lips and a lot less makeup. That s**t has a way of getting on shirt collars for girlfriends to find. One time double wrapped, those druggies scare the s**t out of me and they keep popping out of the woodwork like termites.

  2. Nope, not a chance. Guys are going to want to shoot into that face no matter if they’re nailed down or not. Good thing she’s a stoner or most wouldn’t have a chance!

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