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Argelia Santoyo — California

I’ve been married to this woman for almost a decade. I’ve loved her and she turned out to be someone that I don’t recognize. We have 2 beautiful kids together. When she was first pregnant with our son, she took off and did not allow me to be there when my son was born. She didn’t even let our son have my last name. I begged for her to come back and she did. She was a wonderful mother until she met someone knew. She decided to kick me out of the home that we shared. I moved to live with my mom. She often leaves me with our kids while she goes and f*k around. She is currently “dating” someone who doesn’t live in the same state. From what I’ve heard, her new beau left his pregnant girlfriend. Argie and this man deserve each other for their sick acts. They don’t care who they hurt in the process. Argie has threatened to take full custody of my kids and she wants to move away with her new beau. I wished that there was more I can do to stop this pain and the damage she is doing to our children. She also has been spreading lies that I beat her. What kind of mother does this to the father of her children? I have loved her and respected her. She is manipulative and lying so she can get custody of our kids. This woman does not deserve any happiness.

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