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April Stallings — Owensboro, Kentucky

My husband and I had been married for almost 6 years when we found out his Daddy had stage four Cancer. Of course we packed up the kids and moved closer to be with his parents during this time. I found my husband a new job closer to them that paid more. Little did I know there he would meet April. Around September I started to get worried he wasn’t coming home, deleting texts and so on. Everyone told me I had nothing to worry about he was just stressed. Well he comes in from work the day before our anniversary and tells me he wants a divorce. Of course I was devastated and tried to talk him into working things out. He was having none of it could not even give me a reason for the divorce. He moved out claimed he was staying with this older couple from work. Like an idiot I believed him and let my kids go see him next weekend. Well they came home and my three year old told me they had been at April’s house. Well later that day he took a nap in our bed I took the phone and called the number of his friend Ryan he had been deleting the text from. Surprise, surprise when a woman answered. I hung up she texted back sorry babe I didn’t get to the phone in enough time. I then checked the other text where they was talking about how h***y they was and how they couldn’t wait to hook up. I of course confronted him about it he tried lying but the hickies on his neck told another story. So I slapped the h**l out of him. He and her are still together even though she has cheated on since they have been together.

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