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Andrea Hadhazy — Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no long lasting with this b***h, all she wants you for is money, drugs and whatever else she can get of you. It sure in the h**l is not to love or to be a family with her. Andrea Hadhazy loves to sleep with anything that walks and has a d**k, She will even steal from you. She doesn’t even put makeup on right she looks like a raccoon wow.

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  1. Andrea will give any guy a chance, even a cheater, but he has to be able to go for hours, otherwise he’s out the door. No short-timers for her, she likes getting sweaty and wants to exhaust her man or woman so they miss work, she’s an animal with a small brain.

  2. She ran into another 2-minute man and had to move on. She wasn’t very tactful when she dumped him but she was tired and frustrated, she hasn’t had an o****m with the last three guys and she tries so hard to get off. Three minutes might be better.

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