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Amy Quinto

This woman can’t move on and get a life of her own she is easy and texting her ex sneakily when he has own life she should get back with him as he is a compulsive liar just like her they are the perfect match he accepts her cheating and she accepts him cheating and having kids all over the place it’s disgusting your mentally unwell man and how anyone could fancy him beyond me

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  1. 1…that picture isn’t of me idk wtf that person is. 2. He doesn’t have any g*****n phone and if he has I don’t have the number. 3 I’m well moved on so go f**k yourself I hope you both die in a ditch. Gucking r****d I work all f*****g day and exhausted coming home I f*****g don’t have time for this f*****g petty s**t Leann. You dirty fat b***h.

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