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Amanda McEvoy – France

Amanda McEvoy is a girl from Strasbourg living in Vallais and Shanghai attending Les Roches University. She is working as an floozy using no condoms and at the same time trying to have s*x with every guy on campus who is in a relationship. She has no interest in single men and is carrying DRDs. Someone expose this sad girl before she infects all of Europe and Asia!

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  1. Amanda, mon cherie, you look absolutely stunning, come to the states and model for me privately. I’ll even get you on the Ellen Show. I have contacts like that and am willing to help you with your career.
    George Clooney’s brother

  2. Your already infected needledick. Amanda dont love you shes just having as much fun as she can. we had fun lots of times, more than once cuz i didn’t try and marry her. shes free and experimenting. she likes girls to so she might not ever marry some guy. she might try to have threesome, foursome, might try different ethnicities, might just want a toy tonight. you want love its not there yet, but you can keep trying, keep begging. she’ll run like fast, shes not ready for all that

  3. Amanda McEvoy – France
    Her name isn’t even Amanda, it’s Julie, and she’s from Israel, originally. She was raised by gypsies and knows how to get around. I heard she had dual citizenship Israeli/Swiss from the couple she stayed with in Grenoble. She likes to ski and likes the after parties even better. She hits the slopes later in the day and parties til late night early morning. She does a little modeling but just enough to keep traveling. She’s already been to 28 countries and seems tireless. We did a duet at a karaoke night in Grenoble. She’s a blast to hang out with but doesn’t seem interested in hooking up.

  4. My girlfriend Amanda packed up her suitcase and disappeared in the middle of the night. Now I find her on a cheater site. I;m not happy about it but I am relieved that she’s alright. I had no clue and was surprised to see her face again. I guess now I have to say my ex girlfriend. If you read this, Amanda, I’m just curious as to why you felt you had to leave in the middle of the night and left no note?

  5. She’s probably going to study infectious diseases if the modeling or whoring don’t work out as career choices. A girl always needs a backup plan. C*m to think of it, condoms are a sort of backup plan. This girl will do fine if she can keep dodging the drd’s, maybe teach, someday…

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